Позакласний захід TWELVE MONTHS. (Theatrical performance)

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(Theatrical performance)








Snow - maiden: Hello! I am Snow- maiden.

                            I live in the North but on the New Year's Eve I come to your places.

                            I like to make all children happy, that's why

                            I help Father Frost to bring presents, joy and happiness to every house.

                            Music. (a girl with a basket appears. She is dancing)

Snow - maiden: Good evening, little girl.

         Girl:           Good evening, Snow - maiden.

Snow - maiden: What are you doing here at night?

         Girl:           My step - mother has sent me to pick snowdrops.

                            The queen promised a reward for them.

Snow - maiden: Everything is good in its season.

                            It isn't time for snowdrops yet.

                            Maybe Sister- Seasons will help you.

                            As you know there are four Seasons of the year.

                             Spring! Summer! Autumn! Winter! Come here please

                            Music. (4girls dressed like Spring, Summer, Autumn,

    Winter appear. They are dancing)

       Spring:         I am Spring. I am green.

      Summer:      I am Summer. I am bright.


      Autumn:       Iam Autumn. I am yellow.

       Winter:        I am Winter. I am white.

       Spring:        Spring brings green buds and shoots.

      Summer:      Summer brings us berries.

      Autumn:       Autumn golden fruit.

       Winter:        Winter brings us snowflakes.

                            (They show: snowflakes, shoots, berries, fruit

                            which they are carrying in their hands )

Snow maiden: Dear Seasons!

Help this little beauty to pick up snowdrops.

                            Her step - mother sent her to the forest.

       Spring:         Oh, poor little girl. It is not easy. We must ask

                            Brother- Months for help. March! April! May!

                            come here, please

                            (they appear)


       Spring:         March is gusty, muddy, blustery.

                            This is the month for flying kites, roller - skating, ratly nights.

                             Wear something green on St.Patrick’s Day.

    Robins sing: “spring is on the way”.

    And bears wake up from their winter sleep

     March :      Winter sleep is over. Spring then comes.

        With brooks and flowers and young green grass.

                        Nature is awakening, birds are singing.

                        The sun is shining, the bright day is ringing.

                        This is the season, when snowdrops bloom.

        When nobody likes to stay in the room.

        This is the season when birds make their nests.

        This is the season we all like best.

    Spring:       April is fun! The very first day is April Fool’s, a day for playing

                       jokes. All month long the weather teases.

       Now it is warm, then oops! It sneezes.

       Take off your boots and it will shower.

       Then the sun shines for an hour. Robins are nesting,

  puddles are skiddy. Violets pop!

  No wonder April's day is funny!                 

  Do you know who's coming ? Easter Bunny!