The Beauty of the World Is in Danger. Урок англійської мови

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The Beauty of the World Is in Danger

Урок англійської мови


  • опрацювати текстовий матеріал, поглибити теоретичні знання учнів з теми;
  • вчити учнів робити самостійний аналіз отриманої інформації;
  • розвивати здатність працювати самостійно та в групах;
  • розвивати навички читання, письма, аудіювання;
  • виховувати відповідальність за власні вчинки;
  • сприяти розумінню молодого покоління необхідності термінових дій щодо порятунку планети.

Обладнання: діаграми, розбите на окремі слова речення, таблиці для гри Бінго, електронний тест, тексти.


Хід уроку:


Вступна частина уроку:


  1. Find the rhymes to the following words and write them down:

Institution – pollution

Taste – waste

Because – cause

Cottage – shortage

Both – growth

Fear – atmosphere

  1. Great and will you try to compound the sentence using as many words from the list as you can.

Основна частина уроку:

  1. We discussed the problem of pollution at our previous lesson. And we have found out that many species of animals and plants are in danger. Your task was to find some information about them. Read your reports, please.
  2. OK. I advise you to sum up. Let’s work in two groups. I have two diagrams for you. Your task is to write the reasons of the extinction of species. Begin with the most essential and the most important ones and then go to less important. You will probably

have different ideas. And then we shall discuss.


The reasons of extinction

Pollution of soil

Pollution of water

      Cutting out the forests


Food shortage

Destruction of habitats

Pollution of air


  1. Great. Let’s have a look at your diagrams and discuss.

How many reasons have you got?

What do you think is the main reason?

Are the reasons related?

Who is to blame?

What is the way out?

Why do you think it’s important to save species? Isn’t it easier to let the process go?

  1. I have a scrambled sentence here. There are ten words that you have to place correctly and you’ll get a famous saying that is perfect as the motto for the next part of our lesson.

Want, it, yourself, If, anything, be, you, to, done, do.

(If you want anything to be done, do it yourself.)


  1. Right. It means that if you want to save the planet and stop pollution, start doing this yourselves. Everyone must understand that one can do more than he or she ever imagines for the improving of the situation.

Give me your ideas about what you personally can do.

(save water, feed animals and birds, never dump, never do harm to plants, nests and holes, save electricity, keep the yard clean, do not burn things, use less washing powder, having a picnic leave the place clean, plant trees…)


  1. Well done. And I also want you to realize that actually there is much to do for people. One of the ideas is in the text. Read it and underline the correct words.